How to Hike and Camp Responsibly

As you all may know, National Parks and campsites have officially opened back up on the 4th of July and we are allowed to go on hikes and camping.

If you are planning on heading outside this weekend or anytime soon, remember to do so Responsibly to help protect yourself, your beloved ones and the outdoors.

The unusual circumstances mean that you and your families heading out to their local park for the first time, could use a little guidance about how to stay safe.

Here are my 5 tips on how to enjoy the outdoors responsibly:

1. Do your research

Before you head to any campsites, National Parks, Hiking Trails, make sure you check online if those are open and safe for you to enter. If you arrive and it's crowded, make sure you have a back up plan.

2. Prepare

Before you leave your house, prepare for your journey. Bring water bottles, prepare snacks and bring paper bags to collect your trash in. Also, prepare for facilities to be closed and make sure you have hand sanitiser and face masks with you.

3. Observe Physical Distancing

Make sure your group size is kept to a minimal, no more than 6 people per group. Make sure you are prepared to cover your face and nose when crossing paths with other hikers. Give others space to walk past you, if necessary, stop on the side of the trail for a few seconds to let your fellow adventurers pass by you safely.

4. Leave No Trace

Respect natural areas, trails and water by leaving no trash behind. I also like to bring a paper bag with me to collect any other rubbish I find on the trail.

5. Support Local

To try to keep long distance travel to a minimum and stay within the local area. This won't only stop the virus from possibly spreading to a wider range, but you will support local businesses.

Be mindful of the impact you might have on the communities you visit!

By following these tips we will all play an active role in making the outdoors a great and welcoming environment.


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