How to create the most delicious açai bowl

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

What is açaí, anyway? Found on açaí palm trees in South American rainforests, açaí berries are a lot like grapes. The seed takes up about 80% of the berry, but the flesh and skin pack plenty of vitamins and other nutrients in the remaining 20%. Not to mention the berries are only about 70 calories a cup.

I love the Sambazon Organic Scoopable Acai Sorbet or the Organic Freeze Dried Acai Powder to make and build acai bowls with.

I usually use a blender and mix either the powder or the sorbet with frozen berries and a frozen banana for creaminess.

Feel free to add coconut/almond milk or shredded coconut to the mix if you want it to taste a little more nutty.

Toppings, the most important part!

My favourite topping is The Birthday Cake Granola by The Safe & Fair Food Company, tastes amazing with the fruity acai. I also like to add chia seeds, hemp seeds, cacao nibs, any fresh fruit you have at home, nuts and of course honey or agave.

It's literally so easy and so tasty.

I like to serve mine in Coconut Bowls for that authentic vibe, which I got from Vie Gourmet on

These are beautifully handcrafted from reclaimed Thai coconut shells, 100% natural and 100% unique to you, as no two bowls are exactly the same.

Sustainable, lightweight and durable, the bowls and spoons are cut, cleaned and sanded, and then polished with coconut oil, all the while maintaining the original shape of a real coconut bowl.

They are perfect for serving cold food and an ideal accompaniment to any meal whatever the occasion, or you can simply use for decoration.

An ideal gift for yourself or a loved one, the bowls cost £19.95 for a set of four (complete with spoons), and are available from Vie Gourmet via A set of two is also available.

Why wouldn't you wanna have this for breakfast all the time?

Have fun building your own acai bowls and don't forget to tag me in your photos @dalmie.adventures


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