I’m in love with the shape of you 🎶 from Dodo Pizza

I was never big on going out all fancy shmancy for Valentine’s Day dinner. I’m a big believer that you should celebrate every day together with your significant other.

Dodo Pizza Coventry has an amazing deal at the moment for those who wish to stay at home on the 14th this month and just have a cozy, loved up dinner with their love.

You can get either a Pepperoni or a Margherita Pizza in a shape of heart with a side of potato wedges and garlic bread.

All of this for £14.99.

Staying in might sound boring but when you think about it, there are a few good reasons to do it.

Restaurants will be so busy pumping food out to the tables that the quality of food might be subject to suffering.

Also, Let’s be honest Valentine’s Day dinners can get very expensive. Restaurants take advantage of the fact that thousands of people will be killing themselves for romantic reservations and will gladly pay £50/£60 for a pre-set menu that would cost them £25/£30 on any other day.

My recommendation is that you put on your comfiest clothes, buy your bottle of wine and just order the cutest heart shaped pizza for dinner for you and your significant other.

Happy Valentine’s Day guys and girls!

PS.: If you’re spending this Friday alone, this is a perfect excuse for you to book a massage, facial or mani/pedi!

It’s called self care, sis! You do it!

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