Gin Festival at FarGo Village Coventry

Updated: Jan 24

Did someone say Gin and Festival?

Two of my favourite things!

Gin & Tonic with lime and grapefruit wedges and cardamom seeds. My absolute to-go drink to sip on, on a hot summer day.

I was super happy when I've been told that I am invited to the Gin Festival organised at Fargo Village in Coventry together with Emily, this one amazing woman who works so hard all the time for us, Coventry Bloggers to be able to go to such events.

The whole set up was beautiful, I was in love with these gin bottles that they've turned into vases. They really tuner The Box in FarGo Village into an instaworthy location.

Emily and I got to try a number of yummy gins, some of our favourites were Dr Eamers Emporium Gin and Brockmans Gin.

We both loved Dr Eamers, because they had some unusual and fun flavours, such as 'Love Hearts' and 'Raspberry and Pineapple'. 'Love Hearts' was fun a fun flavour to try, but too sweet for me. I usually prefer gins with a more herbal or floral flavour.

Look how cute these bottles were though.

Brockmans Gin was the winner for me that night. Their gin combines more traditional notes with a refreshing influence of citrus and aromatic wild blackberries and blueberries. This creates an intensely smooth gin taste that is sensual and daringly different.

Also, hats down for their bartenders for the service they offered. Top notch !

The grapefruit peel trick was my favourite!

It was really interesting to learn how different the gin would taste with different fruits in it, such as grapefruit, lime, orange or, as they served it, with blueberries.

I think Staffordshire Gin's display was the cutest. They had Rose Gold Gin, did y'all hear that?


They also have rose petals as garnish for their G&Ts, I was totally in love with their display.

There were a couple other stands that Emily and I didn't get to try, but we had a look at each of them and British Polo Gin looked so British, I really wanted to try it. They were actually serving their gin with prosecco and strawberry. Once I heard prosecco, I was like "GIMME!"

I really enjoyed browsing through all the stalls, but a girl gets hungry after all the drinking. Thankfully, the organisers thought about feeding people and they had the Street Chef Lloyd offer some yummy food for visitors. Emily and I tried the vegan nuggets with this lish BBQ sauce they had.

Food Heaven, for real though!

Take a look at it!

If you love gin and good food, you should be there next time they organise a Gin Festival in FarGo Village!

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