Brunch Date at Ivy House

Updated: Jan 24

I was super excited to join the Coventry Bloggers team for an amazing brunch at Ivy House, Coventry on a Saturday morning.

After a disgusting workout in the morning all I was looking forward was food, and of course seeing my girls.

Since I have moved to Coventry I have known about Ivy House and I always thought it was a great place to grab drinks at after work or just hang out at with friends.

Their breakfast menu has pretty basic items, nothing too crazy, but whatever they offer, is well prepared and delicious. This is most likely down to the fact that their main target market is students from Coventry University, who don't want to pay the higher price for a fancy breakfast. They literally just want to eat decent food, priced suitably for their lifestyle. I am saying this as I weren't a student. I still am, but not for too long.

Have a look at their menu and check the prices!

Such a bargain, right? You can literally get 3 chocolate chip pancakes, with Nutella (yes, you're reading it right! This is not a dream) for £3.50 and a cup of coffee/tea. I don't know about you, but you'll definitely find me there most weekends.

I got to try the Vegetarian Breakfast, which consists of two fried eggs, two hash browns, cooked mushrooms, half a grilled tomato, baked beans and it also comes with toast and butter. I think that's a lot of food for £3.75. If the guys from the Buzzfeed series ' Worth it ' would come and have breakfast from Ivy House, they'd definitely love it.

I only have one little comment about their Vegetarian Breakfast. The menu states that it comes with 2 vegetarian sausages. Now when I hear 'vegetarian sausage' I think of the Quorn sausages or Tofurky sausages. Tell me if you do too!

Whatever they served, in my opinion, doesn't classify as a sausage. They were more like veggie croquettes. They tasted amazing, but it wasn't what I expected to get when I ordered the vegetarian breakfast.

I also loved the fact that they had a variety of sauces. Anything you can imagine, from brown sauce to Jamaican BBQ sauce.

An other thing I wanted to point out is that their only milk option is cow's milk. This was a little disappointing, because I normally don't drink cow's milk and I was so looking forward to having a nice Coconut or Almond Latte, but I had to settle with an Americano. I really hope they'll add at least Almond milk to their milk selection, since it's becoming so popular (and it's also healthier) to drink non-dairy milk with your coffee.

All in all, Ivy House won't disappoint if you're looking for cheap breakfast and large portion sizes.

The little area, just at the entrance if perfect for sitting down with friends and grabbing breakfast, while catching up on life.

What would you guys order from the menu?


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